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Brain Works Group hold 50th Asia Business Conference in Da Nang


Brain Works Group is going to hold 50th Asia Business Conference in Da Nang City, Vietnam. This is a memorable event in our event series having held in Japan, China and Vietnam. Recently, Brain Works Co., Ltd has been entrusted to run JAPAN DESK Kansai of Da Nang City in Osaka, and we began its operation from March 2016. From this relation, we are going to hold a conference with topic of business cooperation between Vietnam-Japan in Da Nang,

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Latest Seminar Report !!!

Vietnam-Japan Business Salon in confectionery field finished successfully


On Monday, April 4th 2016, Brainworks Asia held the 2nd Vietnam-Japan Business Salon at the seminar room, inside its headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City. There were approximately 30 Vietnamese entrepreneurs gathering in Ho Chi Minh City‘s venue, which was connected to the venues in Tokyo and Osaka.

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Seminar on “Business opportunities of Vietnam-Japan construction field” finished successfully


On Tuesday, February 2nd 2016, we have held the 10th Vietnam-Japan business opportunities on the topic of construction at Liberty Central hotel, Ho Chi Minh city. Although this seminar was held right before Vietnamese Tet holidays, up to 60 Vietnamese businessmen have come to join us. Our guests seem to be very concerned about collaboration with Japan in construction field.

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Brainworks Asia open centralized training course in November


During project management, have your company encountered one of difficulties below ? Lack of information sharing among project members, do not share project progress, commands are not made clear,...
Our training course in November will train about how to improve customer satisfaction organizational strength by enhancing the capacity of project management

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Business tour to Japan in April, 2016

golf tour

From April 13th to 18th 2016, Brain Works Co., Ltd (Japan) cooperated with Atago Corporation (Japan) held Business Tour to Japan for Asian entrepreneurs, especially for Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from Vietnam and India joined Business Golf Competition and 50th Asia Business Conference held by Brain Works Co., Ltd.

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With the aim of providing information about our company’s newest activities and services as soon as possible, we are publishing BRAIN NAVI E-magazine on our official website. BRAIN NAVI magazine has already published on Brain Works Group’s official website (Japanese version), and is being published on Brainworks Asia’s official website (Vietnamese version and English version).

Brain Navi Vol.8: Vietnam – Japan relationship is getting closer and closer


Dear our precious customers, I am Kondo Noboru, CEO of Brain Works Group. This is Brain Navi - our online magazine which is being established periodically. Recently, you can see many Vietnamese people in Japan. It is shown obviously through statistic number. The number of Vietnamese people in Japan now is about 100.000 people. And this number is going up sharply in recent years.

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